Old Gem: Venus Restaurant ✨

Hey Foodies, how is you all doing?? Good yeah? I’m back with a new blog and this time it’s not about a new restaurant, it’s about one of the oldest gems in Dubai! They’re located in Karama, opposite lulu park and beside Atlas institute.

Venus is one of the oldest restaurants in Dubai and has been the best with their South Indian dishes!! I believe every restaurant has the good and the bad dishes, so does Venus. Whenever we get confused or don’t know where to go for dinner we always opt for Venus. 

We usually order their dosa’s or thali’s. My mom is a fan or their Medu Vada dip in Sambhar, she almost has it as her fix order, haha. There are a lot of things I like/love and few dislike. You should have their Mysore Masala/Sada Dosa, Paratha Korma, Medu Vada Dip in Sambhar, Thali, Set Dosa and Sada Dosa, etc. (That’s a lot of things I like/love) They make the BEST Sambhar, Chutneys and Rassam! A must have side. I haven’t had the same sambhar or chutney anywhere else until  today! The shambar keeps boiling or simmering the whole time which makes it taste so good and fresh. 

 (Left to Right, Medu Vada dip in Sambhar, Mysore Masala Dosa, Masala Dosa and Set Dosa.) 

Recently we had been to venus and thought of trying something different and we ordered their Venus Special punjabi sabzi, actually the staff told us that it’s a very good sabzi so we gave it a try, NO a big NO. The taste of the gravy was okay not the best and it was confusing, there were a lot of khada masala (whole spices) frozen vegetables, little bit of paneer crumble and lot of spices. Even the naan was too chewy and hard to break. So that was a disappointment! Roti’s and naans are always suppose to be breakable and soft to eat even when they get cold. 

(Venus Special Sabzi, Naan, Roti accompanied with side salad) 

I think you should mostly stick to the South Indian rather than the North Indian food, but you should always give a try to new things too if you’re feeling adventurous, haha. 

Recently they’ve renovated this place and it looks better than before with more tables added, they should do some changes too like their chairs, cutlery, etc! Hygiene wise they’re clean, very good and friendly Manager and staff. The prices have gone higher a dirhams or two for everything after the renovation and few items have been added to the menu. I would still say they’re quite pocket friendly!!


Food: 4/5

Staff: 4/5 

Hygiene: 4/5

Money wise: 3/5

And overall I would rate: 8.5/10. 

This is it for Venus Restaurant, I think good restaurants don’t need more explanations. I hope you’re enjoying these blogs! Let me know in the comments below what you want me to try and review about, I would be more than happy! So stay hooked with me, until next time take care and see you soon! 😁



New Restaurant Alert: Sangam Restaurant and Sweets✨ 

Hello Foodies, how are you all foodies doing?? Yummilious? Haha. I’m back after trying a New Vegetarian Restaurant, Sangam Restaurant and Sweets. They’ve just opened 2-3months ago, Opposite ENOC Head Office, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai. They’ve a branch in Abu Dhabi also.   


Sangam Restaurant has a wide range in their menu, they serve North, South and Chinese Cuisine. But, they haven’t started serving their Chinese Cuisine still. 

As we entered the 1st thing that came to my mind was, this place is spacious and quite big, it was even busy around 10:30 pm and I’ve already been here twice. 

Let’s talk about the main thing, the “Food” we ordered a lot of different food items both the times. 

Our 1st time order, from left to right, Mysore Sada Dosa, Tandoori Platter, Onion Tomato Chilly Uthappam, Paratha Korma, Paratha Channa,  and RasMalai.


Tandoori platter was good and flavourful, what I dint like about it was their harabhara kebabs, they were extremely hard to break and very dry from the inside. Seekh kebab and Paneer tikka was tasty and even had the real taste of tandoor, Paratha kurma and Paratha channa was also good, the channa gravy had both North and South taste to it, with all the garam masala and spiciness it tasted really good. Uthappam was also good! I had also ordered their Rasmalai but na I dint like it. I’ve had better Rasmalai’s, very average. Oh, I forgot about  Mysore sada dosa, really liked it. It had a little sour after taste, their chutneys and shambar tasted good and freshly made.  

The second time we were with our family friend and our order from left to right, Masala Papad, Paneer Achari Tikka, Subz-E- Kofta Makhmali, Handi Paneer, Butter Naan, Lacha Paratha and Rassam.

I really loved Paneer Achari tikka, that achari taste to paneer and that too it was tandoored which made everything just too good. It’s was a little spicy because of the marination but totally worth trying. The two Subzi’s one I liked and the other was absolutely a No No. Both the subzi’s look ditto similar and had a very similar taste too, just difference it had was that one Sabzi’s gravy was thicker and more tasty and the other one was more watery and more like tomato purée, both were Brown onion tomato gravy. Subz-E- Malai Kofta was tasty, it had roasted Makhana’s and the kofta was also properly cooked and had a good taste. Handi Paneer is a No No, very watery gravy and dint like it, I’ve had Handi Paneer at a lot of places, dint match the taste, it lacked of spices and even had less of paneer and more of tomato purée in it. Lacha partha and butter naan were alright. The portions are little smaller than other restaurants.  

The staff is attentive and friendly, but hygiene wise they’re a little dirty, that’s were I was not happy about. But overall it was a pretty good experience and would like to try their other dishes too. One thing I would want to add is that it’s definitely a Pocket Friendly restaurant. The first time our bill was about AED55.50 and the second time it was AED85. 


Food: 4/5

Staff: 4/5

Hygiene: 3/5 

Money wise: 4.5/5

And overall rating would be: 8/10 , I wouldn’t mind dinning here again. 

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Eid-Ul-Fitr Mubarak Foodies ✨

May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always. Allah Bless you and your Family, Eid Mubarak. ✨💖image

Stay safe, enjoy and stay hooked to my blog. Do let me know how and what plans you all got plans for Eid!

A little Peri Peri Surprise from Nando’s 😍

Helloo my foodies! How are you all doing??? All ready for Eid?? As I told in my last blog I had got a little surprise from Nando’s so here it is.

I had left a review about my time and experience at Nando’s on Zomato you can check it out on (www.zomato.com/hemangiramani) and after that their Management had responded me, here it is.

(P.C. http://www.zomato.com/hemangiramani)

That particular day I messaged them and I got a call the very next day by their lovely customer care Ketki, she was really sweet, we had a little chat about Nando’s and my experience, she asked me that she wanted my address just to update their computer system and if I ever wanted to order something I only have to give them my mobile number and that’s it, so I was like sure why not. I was happy about the call and as always I told my parents about it, they were happy too.

That same evening I get a call from a Gentleman telling me, “Ma’am I’m near house but i’ve lost my way and could you guide me the way to your house?” for a second I was like who is it? Then I remembered I had a package coming so it must be that. When I saw the bike, it was a Nando’s delivery bike and the first thing that hit my mind was, OMG!! I haven’t ordered anything is this by mistake?!? I had all different thoughts running in my mind, then the gentleman told I’m sorry ma’am this was suppose to be a surprise for you from our team, I was shocked and surprised at the same time because nothing particular has happen with me before. I thanked him and his team. So this was that little Peri Peri Surprise from Nando’s!

 P.S. No this is not sponsored, it just about my experience.

Thank you so much for reading my Blog, new blog will be up in few days!! Till then take care and stay hooked.😁

My first time at Nando’s Restaurant! 

Hey Hey Foodies, I hope you all are doing great, so this blog of mine is about both the experience and review about Nando’s. I’m sure you all must be thinking, Oh Hemangi, you’re a Vegetarian and what are you doing at Nando’s?? Haha. Surprisingly they also have very few, or I would say very little options for Vegetarians but those options are also tasty! No, I ain’t lying.     I mostly have friends who are Omnivores, I’ve very few friends who are Herbivores like me. So, the problem we usually come across is that I’ll only be the person who is Veg and they all are Non- Veg. Sad isn’t it? I know the feeling, haha. Few months ago my friends were like let’s go to Nando’s and another friend of mine goes like, na they don’t have vegetarian food, so I was kind off sad that because me the plan got canceled and I don’t get to eat at some places too because of their no or less options on Vegetarian food. One day I was just going through Nando’s Menu on Zomato, {you can also check me out on Zomato and follow me there, I’m a verfied user (wink wink) (@foodiebybirth)}. Oh yeah, so I checked the menu and I was so happy to find that they’ve vegetarian options too. I asked my foodie partner/friend Arya to join me for dinner at Nando’s, she is an omnivore too.(obvio),lol.  We had gone a few days ago, as The Holy Month of Ramadan is going on they welcomed us with a very good gesture. The staff served us with few fresh dates and a cup of water. I’ve seen this at very few places.    Then we were given our menus for our orders, we really dint had to go through the menu because we already knew what we were about to order before because we had decided in advance. (isn’t it good to know what are you going to order in advance? saves a lot of time too). And how colourful does the menu look?     My order, Veggie Burger with 2 regular side and the sides were, Coleslaw and their Assorted Fries with Coca Cola. I usually have burgers at McD or else some cafeteria not at restaurants and this one was exceptionally good. How? 1st of all it tasted fresh, dint have any bad after taste, the patty was cooked well and made out of peas, onion, potatoes, carrots and few other spices, right amount of spices and sauce. Their fresh made buns/breads were also good. I like my burgers a bit saucy and if you haven’t had Nando’s Peri Peri Sauces then you’re totally missing on something at here! Their Assorted Fries is a MUST HAVE I’m not even kidding, if you love your fries more than your meal then you’re at the right place, not even exaggerating! Oh, and the sauce level in my burger was HOT, which wasn’t as hot as I expected because I don’t eat too spicy food so I was a bit worried about the spicyness. Their Coleslaw also tasted fresh and crunchy, it had the sweet and the tangy taste which was nice.     My overall experience was really good as the food was satisfying, filling and tasty, even though not that pocket friendly but totally you should give it a try once! Veggie Burger (47dhs+2dhs for the Assorted Chips) Soft Drinks (8dhs and free refills).    The ambience and the interior is different and good, they’ve songs going on everytime, really attentive and helpful staff, even when there is a lot of customers they don’t ignore you and they’re at your table whenever they’re called, that’s what any person would need. Worth the money you spend. I would rate Nando’s : 8.5/10    There is a little inside story and surprise I got from Nando’s recently which I would continuing in my next blog, so stay hooked and follow my blog for more of my reviews, experiences and updates about Vegetarian Food in Dubai Restaurants!

Welcome to my blog foodies!

Hello Foodies, welcome to my very 1st blog. This blog will be about food and only food. If you’re looking for some good vegetarian food at different restaurants in Dubai then you’re at the right place (wink wink).I would be reviewing different restaurants that I personally liked, loved and also on restaurants that I dint like. The restaurants I try will also be pocket friendly and healthy, (some wouldn’t be that healthy), but I would be more than happy if you follow me on my blog journey and give me some good support.

Look forward for good reviews about different restaurants in town. Start following and stay locked. New blog will be put up soon!