Moshi – New Summer Menu Launch

Moshi is a fusion of Nepalese and Japanese delicacies like Momo’s and Sushi with a twist. The name Moshi is inspired by the unique fusion of two worlds Momo (Nepal) and Sushi (Japan). They have two branches in Dubai, their main branch is at Barsha and the 2nd branch is at Oud Metha.

I was invited to their New Summer Menu Launch, it’s always great to meet up with different food bloggers at such events! Here is my review on their vegetarian options from the new menu.


The tasting started with them serving us with their Strawberry Mojito, really refreshing drink. Mojito was served in a very different way, they served it in a bulb shape glasses which was different and unique way of serving.It was a little too sour for me otherwise it’s a hit for me! Strawberry Mojito is for 18dhs.


Strawberry Mojito

Next comes the Lotus Milkshake, I was so expecting a lotus milkshake in the new menu and why not?? Lotus biscoff is the NEW Nutella, isn’t it?? It was so good and thick and more like a thick shake. I just dint like one thing that was the biscuit crumbs added in the milkshake kind off dissolved and kind of later tasted like a paste. Lotus Milkshake is for 26dhs.


Let’s talk about the food now, I started off with their Edamame and Mushroom Momo’s, both edamame and mushroom are my favorite and they were in a Momo, yes!! If you’re just going to eat it by its own then they may taste a bit bland but they’re anyways served with two sauces and sauces make everything taste good. So it’s a hit for me! Edamame and Mushroom Momo is for 19dhs.


They got me the Vegetarian Sushi plate, I was just so happy to see so many veg options in a sushi!! The new menu have really interesting twists with their Sushi’s like, BPD Dhokla Maki, Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos, Zataar and Labneh Maki, Broccoli and Asparagus and their very well known Cheesy Chips Oman(not new, but surely the best)


(Left to Right: Broccoli Asparagus, Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos, Cheesy Chips Oman)

Would you ever think anybody would come up with a Dhokla Maki?? Moshi has definitely come up with it. Being a Gujarati and Dhokla being a Gujarati dish they totally nailed the BPD Dhokla Maki with the right amount of sweetness and green chutney. BPD Dhokla Maki is for 24dhs.

I personally don’t like Asparagus but hey look Moshi surely knows how to make me eat something I don’t like, HAHA!! That flamin’ hot cheetos with asparagus was extremely good!! I dint think I would like it, but I was totally wrong. The good thing was cheetos was as crunchy it could be, because usually they tend to get soggy very fast. Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos is for 27dhs.

Zataar and Labneh Maki, was alright, dint really find it different but wasn’t any bad. It was kind off bland in taste to me, but a dip in Tabasco sauce would taste better! It’s all about the spiciness, HAHA!! Zataar and Labneh Maki is for 25dhs.

They’ve a pretty healthy option too and that is Broccoli and Asparagus Maki, who would think finely chopped Broccoli outside and Asparagus in the inside would taste so good?? It’s shocking but I LOVED IT. Look whose actually liking the healthy option better, ME! HAHA. When I read Broccoli and Asparagus I wasn’t looking forward for it but the 1st bite I took, I just loved it. You can barely taste any of them. So good! Broccoli and Asparagus is for 29dhs.

Last but not the least is my MOST FAVORITE the CHEESY CHIPS OMAN!!! Aaahh Love it! If you’re a Dubai kid then you’re someone like me who loves them some Oman Chips. If you love Oman Chips this is to DIE for. I’m surely not exaggerating it, I swear. HAHA! The combination is surely different but a great combination for sure. Cheesy Chips Oman is for 24dhs.


(Left to Right: Above, BPD Dhokla Maki and Zataar and Labneh Maki. Below, Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos and Volcano Roll.)

The last dish I had was the Falafel Nigri, I personally dint really like it. Actually the Falafel was too dry and hard plus dint have any taste. The rice alone tasted good, I could taste tahini sauce mixed in the rice which tasted good but dint like the falafel. If the falafel was a little soft and flavorful I think it would taste better. Falafel Nigri is for 19dhs.


Falafel Nigri

It was great food with very good experience!! The ambience is pretty good and different like their food. This was my second time and loved it just like my first time. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly so is Mr.Moshi! You shouldn’t have any parking issues too because you can get a parking anywhere around the area over there!! Thank you Mr.Moshi for the invite!


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